21eme Regiment de Ligne
  Regimental Address 2008

Men of the 21eme

Let us awake from winter quarter slumbers! The time to take the field is again nearly  upon us.

 1808 was fairly quiet year for bicentenary re-enactement it was a respite catching breath after 1805/6/7 taking of stock and some diplomacy which is quite difficult to recreate! It was the year where the so called side show begun to developed  in Portugal and Spain, that side show was of course one of the contributors  for the downfall of French empire but that will come later. From large re-enactments bicentenaries unless we wish to recreate suppression or Madrid uprising or pose for Goya to portray us as blood thirsty tyrants or indeed we could recreate glorious defeat and surrender at Bailen under General  Dupont! We could also go and welcome General  Arthur Wellesley in Portugal and get beaten at Vimiero etc etc But somehow I feel that so far there are no big events planned by the Spanish for this year,  unless they bring La Corunna forward  (it happened on 16 Jan 1809). So the only trip abroad for this year so far is Malmaison in August. We have been allowed  to camp in the chateau grounds and will have time to go to Paris. There are large events planned for 2009 of course at Wagram where as 1810/11 at least in the  mid and north European theatre were dedicated to 1812 preparations on diplomatic and military front.

That was the gross overview of the few years ahead of course we shall be debating these issues in the fullness of time but let us concentrate now the year in hand refreshing our ecole making sure the equipment is brought back to standard and just check you weapon for rust and check the number of flints (are they sharp?) condition of frizzen and hundereds of minutia upon which in real life your life may depend but fortunately in re-enactment your appearance convincingness and efficacy may depend. I am very much looking forward to seeing all again in the ranks ready to give hell to perfidious Albion and all its servants!!


Commandant Lamotte  

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Commanding Officer
Chris Perko
Algrave Hall
Hassock Lane North
Derbyshire DE75 7JB
The Adjutant
Chris Durkin
7 Lowcroft Crescent
Oldham OL9 9UU
Position of the Regiment
25th May
1790 Regiment Guyenne at Lyon
1792: Journal militaire:1st battalion arrived Besancon
1793 Landau, siege until 28th December.
1794 At Nice, General Kellerman formed a Polish battalion with men found in the 21eme demi-brigade, 9 companies of 3 officers and 70 men.
1796 Evening, Massena's division (21e) along left bank of the Ellero, from Mondovi to the Tanaro.
1798 Into garrison at Amiens, 2nd battalion at Nantes (formed March 1797), 3rd at Dunkirk
1799 Magnano, towards Brescia.
1800 Pas de Suse, and town of Suse.
1801 Battalion expeditionnaire formed on the Ile de Re, with 140 of the 21eme, 106 56th Line, 59 5th Light, 58 Colonial depot Ile de re, 28 legion Loire, 119 cannoniers 5th Foot artillery, on the frigate l'Africaine.
1803 Bruges Camp/Ostend, 3/4 battalions Flessigne until July 1804.
1804 3rd and 4th battalions to Cologne.
1805 Crossed the Danube at Pressberg, one battalion at Bruick, other in villages of Regelbrun, Arbestal, Collesbrunn, Willfersnauer, and Schadendorf, until 5th January 1806.
1806 Division Kreus Munster
1807 Division at the Hohenstein camp until 5th June.
1808 Juliers
1809 Division left Ebersdorf for Vienna
1810 Brunswick, until October.
1811 Stade
1812 Division Thorn
1813 Order to form 1st Corps, 1st division, 33rd Provisional demi-brigade (2/12, 2/21) forming near Erfurth, united into corps at Wittenberg.
1814 Bergen op Zoom
1815 Lille

1815 Between Quatre-Bras and Waterloo.
Waterloo 1985
Boulogne 1991 on the Video page.
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