21eme Regiment de Ligne
  Eggmuhl 2009


The Regimental trip to Eggmuhl saw a peloton of more than 20 members and guests make the long trip to Germaany. Leaving Chris Durkin's late on Monday night, 18 hours later, two pickups, a ferry, France, Belgium, and a trip down the Rhine valley  saw us at the hotel in Kamp Bornhoffen, for our evening meal, and a quiet! drink.
"1eme Regiment at Kamp Bornhoffen

Wednesday we picked up the Regimental provisions and set off for Bavaria, stopping to greet Blucher.
Then on to Regensburg
The bridge at Regensburg
Before finally travelling the last few  miles to the battlefield.

We were one of the first groups to arrive, having found our campsite the coach was unpacked in the usual way, a human chain passing everything over a small foot bridge to load up a small cart we'd managed to "find". The tents were quickly put up, the fire lit, food cooked abd "pekins" disappeared into tents to be replaced by "soldats" of the 21eme.

Thursday we drilled marched paraded, and witnessed the birth and blessing of two new re-enactment regiments.
21eme Regiment Eggmuhl 2009
The Friday battle was disappointing, apparently the battle was begun too early, this meant that most of the French line infantry was still on the road heading for the battlefield, this combined with the Guards inabiliti to accept there true role, that is to stand at the back and let us get on with the fighting meant that we managed to fire a few rounds. It didn't help that there were only a few Austrians on the field (it may have been a holiday in Bavaria, but, apparently not in Austria.)

21eme Eggmuhl 2009 battlefield
Saturday's battle was a great improvment, with more Austrians and the Line getting on the field in good time.A good moving battle ensued, over all too soon we returned to the camp to break camp and pack the coach to start the long journey home.
21eme Eggmuhl Bavarian monument
Sunday saw another full days travel, getting back to Oldham arriving at about midnight (as soon as we passed the Yorkshire/Lancashire border  the heavens opened and down came the rain) Overall the event was a great success.

Keith Redfern

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Commanding Officer
Chris Perko
Algrave Hall
Hassock Lane North
Derbyshire DE75 7JB
The Adjutant
Chris Durkin
7 Lowcroft Crescent
Oldham OL9 9UU
Position of the Regiment
25th May
1790 Regiment Guyenne at Lyon
1792: Journal militaire:1st battalion arrived Besancon
1793 Landau, siege until 28th December.
1794 At Nice, General Kellerman formed a Polish battalion with men found in the 21eme demi-brigade, 9 companies of 3 officers and 70 men.
1796 Evening, Massena's division (21e) along left bank of the Ellero, from Mondovi to the Tanaro.
1798 Into garrison at Amiens, 2nd battalion at Nantes (formed March 1797), 3rd at Dunkirk
1799 Magnano, towards Brescia.
1800 Pas de Suse, and town of Suse.
1801 Battalion expeditionnaire formed on the Ile de Re, with 140 of the 21eme, 106 56th Line, 59 5th Light, 58 Colonial depot Ile de re, 28 legion Loire, 119 cannoniers 5th Foot artillery, on the frigate l'Africaine.
1803 Bruges Camp/Ostend, 3/4 battalions Flessigne until July 1804.
1804 3rd and 4th battalions to Cologne.
1805 Crossed the Danube at Pressberg, one battalion at Bruick, other in villages of Regelbrun, Arbestal, Collesbrunn, Willfersnauer, and Schadendorf, until 5th January 1806.
1806 Division Kreus Munster
1807 Division at the Hohenstein camp until 5th June.
1808 Juliers
1809 Division left Ebersdorf for Vienna
1810 Brunswick, until October.
1811 Stade
1812 Division Thorn
1813 Order to form 1st Corps, 1st division, 33rd Provisional demi-brigade (2/12, 2/21) forming near Erfurth, united into corps at Wittenberg.
1814 Bergen op Zoom
1815 Lille

1815 Between Quatre-Bras and Waterloo.
Waterloo 1985
Boulogne 1991 on the Video page.

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