21eme Regiment de Ligne
  Leaving Leipzig

The Leaving of Leipzig

Up rolls the coach and all Leipzig shakes,
It stops with a shudder and a screeching of brakes
The parting has come and our drunken heads ache,
We're leaving to wind our way home.
Our luggage is lifted and stuffed in the bus,
and Keith is packed too without any fuss,
And stumpy is loaded by the Red Cross,
We're leaving to wind our way home.

And march on weary soldiers,
With our backpacks on our shoulders,
It's quicker on your feet,
Than travelling home by bus.

The coach stumbles off and the sun's shining bright
Should we go left here, or do we go right?
And a three hour trip lasts well into the night,
We're struggling to make our way home.
And finally we turn up at the hotel,
Are we back in Leipzig or is this really Kassel?
Up early tomorrow, so eat up your meal,
Schnell! !
We're struggling to make our way home.


So we're up at six for the six-30 call,
ut within seven miles the bus starts to stall,
The clutch has just gone,
We're not moving at all,
Will we ever find our way home?
Now it's good to remember the great time we've had,
Our Dicky froze stiff,
Though it isn't so bad,
With no Deutschmarks between us,
Send Mark out to beg,
We're determined to make our way home.


The battles were loud but they filled us with pride
Especially when shouting at our own bloody side,
By winning the battle we put history right,
Will they ever let us go home?
With Richard now boasting a third cannon ball,
And Jim nearly drowned in a great waterfall,
We made a Czech mate, and we out drank them all,
Do we ever want to go home?


We were left in a layby with grumbles abound,
So we promptly set fire to a kiddies playground,
But with Perkins the fireman to piddle it out,
Will they ever let us go home?
Now the evening has come and we're back int' hotel,
With the bits of the bus spread allover Kassel,
We could stay here for Christmas and New Year as well,
(Jingle bus, jingle bus, jingle all the way. ..)
Do we ever want to go home?


And as the bars open again,
The invasion of Kassel, begins, and then,
Jim finds Brun Hilda waiting for him,
Luring him back to her home.
And as the pipes are playing them back,
All but one are alone in the sack,
Is it love that he's found, or is it the clap,
Do we ever want to go home?
And now it's Wednesd'y with the bus in one piece,
The hotel staff said goodbye with a sigh of relief
And we boarded the bus in profound disbelief,
That we're possibly on our way home!


Repeat last two lines of the chorus to finish.
Van Haaster-Page Productions.

(Slightly altered)
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Commanding Officer
Chris Perko
Algrave Hall
Hassock Lane North
Derbyshire DE75 7JB
The Adjutant
Chris Durkin
7 Lowcroft Crescent
Oldham OL9 9UU
Position of the Regiment
25th May
1790 Regiment Guyenne at Lyon
1792: Journal militaire:1st battalion arrived Besancon
1793 Landau, siege until 28th December.
1794 At Nice, General Kellerman formed a Polish battalion with men found in the 21eme demi-brigade, 9 companies of 3 officers and 70 men.
1796 Evening, Massena's division (21e) along left bank of the Ellero, from Mondovi to the Tanaro.
1798 Into garrison at Amiens, 2nd battalion at Nantes (formed March 1797), 3rd at Dunkirk
1799 Magnano, towards Brescia.
1800 Pas de Suse, and town of Suse.
1801 Battalion expeditionnaire formed on the Ile de Re, with 140 of the 21eme, 106 56th Line, 59 5th Light, 58 Colonial depot Ile de re, 28 legion Loire, 119 cannoniers 5th Foot artillery, on the frigate l'Africaine.
1803 Bruges Camp/Ostend, 3/4 battalions Flessigne until July 1804.
1804 3rd and 4th battalions to Cologne.
1805 Crossed the Danube at Pressberg, one battalion at Bruick, other in villages of Regelbrun, Arbestal, Collesbrunn, Willfersnauer, and Schadendorf, until 5th January 1806.
1806 Division Kreus Munster
1807 Division at the Hohenstein camp until 5th June.
1808 Juliers
1809 Division left Ebersdorf for Vienna
1810 Brunswick, until October.
1811 Stade
1812 Division Thorn
1813 Order to form 1st Corps, 1st division, 33rd Provisional demi-brigade (2/12, 2/21) forming near Erfurth, united into corps at Wittenberg.
1814 Bergen op Zoom
1815 Lille

1815 Between Quatre-Bras and Waterloo.
Waterloo 1985
Boulogne 1991 on the Video page.

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